Dr Tomic has developed his own method for the treatment of bed-wetting (nocturnal enuresis) for children who are at least six years old (children who go to school). He has published three?professional article about treating this disorder.

Bed-wetting is treated with a special psychological procedure without any medication or physical touch. The treatment is a combination of behavioural and suggestive therapy.

During the first session, Dr Tomic speaks with both the child and the parents to assess the problem. At the same time, he makes a therapeutic contract with the child, which consists of some instructions that the child has to follow at home. The entire treatment takes between five and ten sessions.

In many cases, the problem is already eased after the first session. The first two sessions are carried out within one week and each following session is conducted weekly. When the child, who wets the bed nearly every night, has achieved fourteen dry nights in a row, the treatment is finished. Children who wet the bed more rarely (for example, several times a month) need to have a ‘dry period’ longer than fourteen days. Three months after the termination of treatment, the child is invited to a review session.

The first session costs $250.00, and each follow up session costs $200.00.

Parents who want to help independently their children with bed-wetting can find useful instructions in my eBook available on Amazon website.