Tomic Psychology Pty. Ltd. provides psychological treatments for a variety of psychological and physical disorders, ranging from specific stress and anxiety disorders to cardio-vascular and gastro-intestinal disorders.

It is necessary to distinguish ‘psychological treatment’ in health care from the more generic term ‘psychotherapy’ that is practised by all health professionals and also non-professionals (if you look in advertising material who else provides counselling and psychotherapy). Psychological treatments are derived from psychological science and targeted to specific forms of psychological problems. Only clinical psychologists who have the depth of training in various areas of cognitive and behavioural science and social and interpersonal processes can be intimately familiar with these sophisticated procedures. While psychotherapy is not identified with any one health care profession, psychological treatment is uniquely associated with the profession of Clinical Psychology.

During this century, hundreds of studies have appeared to evaluate psychological treatments. These studies consistently show that powerful psychological interventions are as effective, or more effective, than pharmacological treatment when evaluated in the context of specific disorders. These studies consistently show that when psychological treatment is properly designed for a specific either physical or psychological disorder robust effects are apparent.

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